How to Charge Laptop With Aux Cable: 9 Alternatives

How to charge laptop with aux cable: 9 methods

Finding innovative ways to address our everyday needs has become a pursuit that continues to captivate minds. One such area that has garnered attention is laptop charging, and a unique inquiry has surfaced: How to charge laptop with aux cable? Is it possible at all?

In this article, I am digging deep into the issue, exploring the possibilities, and discovering how the convergence of various technologies might just redefine the way we power our laptops.

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The traditional method of laptop charging typically involves a dedicated laptop charger, usually equipped with a power brick and specific connectors tailored to your device.

However, with the emergence of multifunctional cables and the widespread adoption of USB technology, a curious question arises: Could the humble aux cable, primarily known for transmitting audio signals, be repurposed as a new laptop charger?

In my exploration, I am taking you through the landscape of USB ports, power banks, and various cable types, like the versatile USB C cord.

Let’s unravel the mysteries of the type C USB port, explore the potential of auxiliary cables, and challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding laptop charging.

A comprehensive guide: how to charge laptop with aux cable?

As technology continues to break boundaries, the prospect of charging your laptop with an aux cable has become a tantalizing idea. Here’s my guide for this intriguing approach to powering your laptop.

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The guide

Understanding your laptop’s compatibility: it’s crucial to know your laptop’s compatibility with alternative charging methods.

Check your laptop’s specifications and ensure it supports a USB type C port. Most modern laptops come equipped with USB C ports, but it’s wise to double-check.

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Selecting the right cable: the star of this charging endeavor is the USB C cable. Not only is it the most common USB connector and vastly versatile, but it also boasts enhanced power delivery capabilities. Ensure you have a reliable USB C connector on hand, and if possible, choose one with durable connectors for longevity.

Power options: aUSB cord can supply power from various sources, including USB ports, power banks, and portable batteries. Explore these options based on your convenience and accessibility. Keep in mind that the source must provide sufficient output to charge your laptop effectively.

Connection process:

  • Locate the USB C port on your laptop and the corresponding port on your chosen source of power.
  • Insert one end of the USB C cable into the laptop’s USB C charging port.
  • Connect the other end to the USB C port on your power source, whether it’s a USB port, power bank, or portable battery.

Monitoring the charging process: once connected, monitor your laptop battery icon or indicator light to ensure it’s charging. If your laptop supports fast charging, this method may provide a quicker charging time compared to conventional chargers.

Cautionary considerations

  • Be mindful of the power output from your chosen source to prevent potential damage to your laptop battery while you charge a laptop.
  • Avoid using low-quality or damaged cables, as they may compromise the charging process and pose risks.

Exploring alternatives: diverse methods to charge your laptop battery

Here are several alternative approaches to keep your laptop powered up.

The methods

USB Power Delivery (USB PD)

USB Power Delivery, or USB PD, has emerged as a powerful alternative to charge a laptop. Compatible with a USB port, this technology allows for higher power outputs, facilitating faster and more efficient charging. Invest in a USB PD charger and USB cable for a reliable alternative charging solution.

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Power bank with AC outlet

A power bank has become a ubiquitous accessory for mobile devices, but did you know that a power bank may come equipped with an AC adapter? Such a power bank is designed to handle the energy requirements of laptops, providing a portable and versatile charging option when an electrical outlet is out of reach.

Solar chargers

Charge a laptop in a sustainable way with solar chargers. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts or individuals in areas with abundant sunlight, without the possibility of using a traditional laptop charger, and with an urgent need to transfer data.

Solar chargers harness the power of the sun to replenish your laptop battery. Compact and eco-friendly, they offer a renewable energy solution to charge a laptop on the go.

Car chargers and inverters

Transform your vehicle into a laptop charger and charge your laptop with car chargers and inverters. Car chargers specifically designed with a laptop plug adapter ensure you stay charged during road trips or while working on the go without a laptop charger.

Wireless charging pads

While wireless charging technology has primarily been associated with smartphones, advancements are being made to charge a laptop battery as well. Explore wireless charging pads that support laptops with Qi wireless charging capabilities, providing a cable-free charging experience.

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External laptop batteries

An external laptop battery, also known as a laptop power bank, is designed to extend your laptop’s battery life on the go. Compact and portable, it connects to your laptop via a USB cable or other compatible ports, offering an additional power source when needed.

In-car power adapters

For frequent travelers or individuals constantly on the road, in-car power adapters provide a convenient charging solution. These adapters plug into your vehicle’s power outlet, ensuring your laptop stays charged during commutes and extended journeys.

HDMI cable as a power source

The HDMI cable (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a ubiquitous HDMI connector primarily known for transmitting audio and video signals.

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However, recent innovations have sparked interest in leveraging HDMI for power delivery.

Some laptops and devices come equipped with HDMI ports that support bidirectional power, allowing energy to flow into the laptop through the same power cord used for display.

Headphone jack as a charging port

The headphone jack, traditionally reserved for audio output, has taken on a new role in some devices as a potential port to charge your laptop. This innovative concept involves repurposing the audio jack to transfer power to the laptop.

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It’s clear now that the future of laptop charging is not confined to a singular path. USB C cables, power banks, and solar chargers provide practical alternatives, offering flexibility for diverse scenarios to charge your laptop.

However, the audacious pursuit of charging through HDMI cable and the audio jack highlights the ongoing evolution and creativity within the tech community.

In this ever-changing landscape, adaptability and a willingness to embrace innovation are key. The traditional laptop charger may have a reliable place in our lives, but the horizon is ripe with possibilities.


Is there anyway to charge a laptop without a charger?

Yes, there are alternative ways to charge a laptop without a traditional charger, such as using a USB Power Delivery (USB PD) charger, power banks with AC outlets, or even exploring unconventional methods like HDMI and headphone jack charging (though these may have limitations).

Can you charge a laptop through USB?

Yes, many laptops can be charged through a common USB connector, specifically using USB Power Delivery (USB PD) technology. Ensure your laptop supports USB PD, and use a compatible USB C cable and power source for effective charging.

How do I charge my laptop with a cigarette lighter?

To charge your laptop using a cigarette lighter in a car, you can use an in-car power plug adapter. Purchase a car charger compatible with your laptop’s power requirements, plug it into the vehicle’s power outlet (cigarette lighter), and connect it to your laptop. This allows you to charge your laptop while on the go.

Can I charge a laptop with a phone charger?

In some cases, yes. If your laptop and phone both use USB Type-C ports, and your phone charger supports USB Power Delivery (USB PD), you may be able to use it to charge your laptop.

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