How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Serial Number: Best 8 Tips

How to track a stolen laptop with serial number: A complete guide

How to track a stolen laptop with serial number? A stolen laptop can be a sad event because it not only results in the loss of expensive gear but also might expose private or sensitive data.

Even though it may seem impossible to locate a stolen laptop using only the serial number, there are methods you may use to improve your chances.

Although a laptop’s serial number acts as a distinctive identification, it often lacks built-in tracking capabilities.

how to track a stolen laptop with serial number
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However, you may greatly increase your chances of finding and recovering your stolen laptop by using the number combined with other tools and by taking certain proactive steps.

In this article, we will examine numerous strategies and actions you may take to know how to track a stolen laptop with serial number. I hope this complete guide will be informative and interesting for you to read.

What is a serial number?

A serial number is a special identification code or number that the manufacturer assigns to a particular product. 

It acts as a way to set out distinct products from one another within a given product range.

Each object should have a unique serial number, which is often made up of a mix of letters, digits, or both.

How to track a stolen laptop with serial number

You can take certain measures that may help retrieve or find your laptop in some circumstances, such as those involving theft or loss:

File a police report

If your laptop has been taken, you must immediately notify the police. Give them the serial number and any other pertinent details.

Even while they might not actively trace the missing laptop, having a police report on file may be useful if it is found.

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Make contact with the laptop manufacturer

Make contact with the laptop’s maker and network administrator and provide them with the serial number. Even if the network administrator is not able to locate the Mac address and the missing laptop specifically, they could be able to help you if the device is brought in for maintenance or repair.

Enable tracking software

Install and activate tracking software that gives location-tracking software functions before a laptop goes missing. Examples include Find My Device for Windows laptops and Find Mac Address for Apple laptops.

If the gadget is linked to the internet, these programs use features other than the number to track its whereabouts.

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Monitor online marketplaces

The next step is to keep an eye on any online markets for the laptop once you’ve informed the police and given them the number of the stolen computer.

One of these websites might list the stolen laptop for sale if the thief is trying to sell it there.

Remote tracking software

Take into account employing remote tracking software programs like Prey or LoJack for laptops. If your stolen device is online, these tracking software programs offer sophisticated monitoring features and can assist in finding it.

These tracking software programs frequently need to be installed and set up first.

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Consult with the police

In some circumstances, the police have access to specialist resources and databases that can help in the recovery of stolen or lost equipment. To improve the chances of recovery, provide them with the serial number and any other pertinent information.

Keep in mind that working with law enforcement organizations is always recommended when attempting to trace down or recover a stolen laptop.

They have the tools and know-how necessary to deal with these situations successfully.

It’s important to remember the importance of prevention.

To lessen the chance of theft or illegal access to your stolen device, regularly back up your data, use strong passwords, and think about employing physical security measures, such as laptop locks.

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How to track a Windows laptop

It could be easier to find if it were a Windows laptop.

The most recent version of Windows laptop has a feature called “Find My Device” from Microsoft in the Microsoft account.

By clicking the Start menu, Microsoft Account can be found.

Select “Update and Security” from the Settings menu by clicking on your account.

Log in to view your details.

Find the “Find My Device” option in the menu on the side under Update and Security.

You should be able to choose the missing or stolen device option after signing in to your already-existing Microsoft account and visiting the “Devices” tab.

Click “Find My Device” from the menu.

Tracking stolen laptops is easier using the Windows laptop operating system.

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How do I use my Mac address to find my lost laptop?

Your MAC address consists of six groups of two numbers or characters joined by hyphens.

Go to settings and use the terminal app to know your address in advance of an occurrence.

Or press “Command + Shift + U.” All the network interfaces and their MAC addresses will be shown to you.

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Can you track a laptop with its serial number?

Typically, average consumers won’t be able to track a stolen laptop using the serial number alone.

The manufacturer typically uses a laptop’s serial number for warranty and identification purposes.

It often lacks integrated location tracking features.

Is it possible to track a stolen laptop?

In some situations, it is feasible to track a stolen laptop.

There are things you can take to boost the likelihood of retrieving a stolen device even though common customers do not have direct access to tracking capabilities:

You may be able to follow the position of the device if it is online if you have already enabled tracking capabilities like “Find My Device” on a Windows laptop operating system or “Find My Mac” or a Mac address on an Apple laptop. You can use these services to remotely locate, lock, or delete the data on your laptop.

Prey or LoJack for laptops: using specialized third-party tracking applications like Prey or LoJack for laptops can dramatically improve your chances of finding a stolen laptop.

If your laptop is online and connected to these applications, they can help you find it by offering advanced tracking features.

They frequently need to be installed and set up first.

IP addresses tracking: you can collaborate with law enforcement and your internet service provider (ISP) to track the IP addresses linked to the laptop’s online activities if it connects to the internet after being stolen.

This can offer useful details on the laptop’s general location.

Police involvement: inform the police of the theft and give them the number of the laptop and the device feature, any location data you may have, and any other pertinent information.

To find the stolen laptop, they can help with the investigation and work with other organizations.

Can a stolen laptop be tracked without the internet?

Since most monitoring techniques require the device to be online, to track a stolen laptop without an active internet connection gets more and more difficult.
Even when the stolen laptop isn’t operational, you might still consider the following options:

Pre-tracking software installed: some laptops include installed tracking software programs like Absolute LoJack or comparable programs already installed.

These pre-tracking software installed could be able to locate a laptop even in the absence of an internet connection by using alternative techniques like GPS or cellular network connections.

However, not all laptops have this feature, this feature is often only found in more expensive business stolen laptops and might need to be activated and set up beforehand.

Physical tracking devices: you can attach physical tracking devices to your laptop, such as GPS trackers or Bluetooth tracking tags. Even if the laptop is not online, these tools can still aid in finding it.

They must first be installed and activated, though.

Assistance to law enforcement: it’s important to report laptop thefts to the police. Even while they might not have direct tracking capabilities, they may use other investigation methods and their network of law enforcement organizations to help find the stolen laptop.

Social media and online marketplaces: online marketplaces, used goods vendors, and social media platforms should all be watched closely since they occasionally advertise stolen things for sale.

Share the serial number of the laptop with law enforcement if you know it, and keep an eye out for any postings that have the same description as your laptop.

Is my laptop still trackable after a factory reset?

You must have active tracking software installed if you performed a factory reset just before your laptop was taken.

The tracing system must be able to recognize your trace code number as well as other details. Depending on the software you decide to use, there are certain tracing steps.

For instance, your software may remotely overcome numerous firewalls when the person who stole your laptop connects to the internet on your system to pin a place to current activities, quickly take their pictures, and send them a warning message.

All of this may be done even if your laptop underwent a factory reset.

Can I track my HP laptop if it was stolen?

If your HP laptop has been stolen, you have several options to look into to locate it and perhaps even get it back:

Find My Device: the “Find My Device” function might be accessible on HP laptops running Windows 10. On your laptop, navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Find My Device to see if it’s enabled.

This feature allows you to track the location of a stolen laptop if it was activated before the laptop theft and the laptop is online.

HP anti-theft protection: some HP laptops have anti-theft security already installed. This function might aid in locating your stolen laptop if you had previously configured it. If your particular HP laptop model has this feature, you can enable it in advance of any unfavorable events.

HP customer support: contact HP customer service as soon as you can, and be prepared to provide them with your laptop’s serial number. They might be able to help you locate the gadget or advise you on other possibilities.

Report to the police and law enforcement: make a police report and provide them with all the necessary details, such as the serial number, make and model, and any software or tracking capabilities you have enabled for the laptop. To find the stolen laptop, law enforcement agencies can work with you and possibly make use of their resources.

Keep in mind that the likelihood of finding and retrieving a stolen laptop depends on several variables, including the features of the particular laptop, if tracking features were turned on, and the cooperation of law authorities.

To lessen the danger of theft, it’s essential to take proactive actions in preparation including turning on tracking features, creating strong passwords, and following proper physical security procedures.

If your HP laptop is stolen, take immediate action to notify the police and gather all the information you need to help track a stolen device.

How to protect the laptop from being stolen?

By taking preventative steps to safeguard your laptop, you may significantly lower the likelihood that it will be stolen and improve your chances of recovering it if it is.
These particular actions can be taken to protect your laptop:

Physical security: when working in public spaces or leaving your laptop unattended, keep it safe using a laptop lock or cable. Thus, opportunistic thefts are avoided.

Password protection: to prevent unwanted access, protect your laptop with a strong login password or PIN. If your device enables it, you should also think about employing biometric identification techniques like fingerprint or facial recognition.

Data encryption: adding an extra degree of security by encrypting the data on your laptop. Enable complete disk encryption to protect your files if your laptop is stolen or lost. Examples of such software include BitLocker for Windows and FileVault for Mac.

Regular backups: back up crucial files and data regularly and store them in a secure location, such as the cloud or an external hard drive. This guarantees that you will still have access to your crucial information even if your laptop is stolen.

Install security software: install and keep up-to-date reliable antivirus and anti-malware software on your laptop. This provides a defense against phishing efforts, malware, spyware, and other internet risks.

Enable tracking features: activate and set up your laptop’s built-in tracking functions, such as “Find My Device” for Windows laptops or “Find My Mac” for Apple laptops. If your laptop disappears, these features may be able to assist you in finding it.

Keeping records: keep a record of the model, serial, and purchase details for your laptop. When submitting police reports or giving information to law enforcement organizations, this documentation may be helpful.

Be cautious in public: when using your laptop in public, exercise caution and pay attention to your surroundings. A laptop can attract potential burglars, so avoid leaving it unattended or leaving it out in the open.

Secure Wi-Fi connections: when accessing sensitive information, especially, only connect to reliable, secure WiFi networks. Useless public Wi-Fi networks should be avoided.

By putting these precautions into place, you may greatly lower the chance of laptop theft and safeguard your priceless data. Remember that taking preventative measures is crucial, but you should also have a backup plan in place in case your laptop is stolen.

This plan should include notifying law enforcement and giving them all the necessary information.


Regular users may find it difficult to track a stolen laptop with serial number using only the serial. Without built-in tracking capabilities, police track stolen laptops using the serial number, which is primarily used as an identification and warranty reference.

To improve the likelihood of healing, one might take preventive measures. First, reporting the incident to the police and providing the serial number of the laptop can help investigators.

If the laptop is taken in for service or repair, getting in touch with the laptop’s maker with the serial may be useful.

If the laptop is still connected to the internet, using tracking tools like “Find My Device” a Mac address or using third-party tracking software like Prey or LoJack for Laptops can help you gain access to the exact location.

A more thorough strategy involves working with law enforcement organizations, exchanging pertinent information, and taking into account additional precautionary measures.

Although it may be difficult to track a stolen laptop with serial number alone, using a combination of these techniques improves the chances of recovery and acts as a deterrent to theft.

I hope this guide was interesting and informative for you to read.

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