How to turn on HP computer without power button: top 8 tips

Top ways how to turn on HP computer without power button

How to turn on hp computer without power button? Picture a scenario where you desire to turn on a laptop, but the power button on your HP laptop is malfunctioning without any identifiable cause. What should you do in this situation? Can you turn on a laptop only by pressing the power button? Find out how to start an HP laptop without power button in this article.

how to turn on hp computer without power button
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Using the keyboard to start the laptop

In the absence of a mouse or a functional power button, using an external keyboard with complete buttons can be advantageous when seeking a new power button for our laptop.

To start a laptop without power button, you can usually go to keyboard settings as a default option. You can always check the status of your external devices via the device manager.

To ensure the smooth operation of your laptop, it is wise to access the BIOS as soon as you acquire it. Getting to the BIOS when the laptop is turned off is not easy.

1) Press the f2 key and enter the BIOS settings.

2) Select power management from the advanced tab.

3) Pick the power option to turn on the keyboard. A pop-up message will appear from the device manager, allowing you to choose a key. Press the back up power keys to turn on the system when there is a problem with the laptop’s power management.

4) Apply the changes and exit.

To verify the functionality of the alterations made in power settings, turn off the device and log in again. An external keyboard is an alternative to starting a laptop without a power button.

Utilizing the motherboard

If you cannot turn on a laptop to access the BIOS, we will tell you how to access it in another way, through hardware.

1) Open the laptop’s bottom cover and take out the motherboard.

2) When removing the motherboard from the chassis, ensure all its connections are in place.

3) Disconnect the laptop power button connections from the motherboard and connect between pin 1 and pin 3 with the help of a screwdriver or another wire.

4) This will turn on the laptop and allow you to access the BIOS.

By accessing the BIOS settings, you can turn on laptops via BIOS mode and have a backup power button.

Turning on the laptop with the help of the clock battery

If we face a broken power button, the clock battery method comes in handy in commencing the system. Perform the following steps to use the method:

1) Identify and remove the cable linking the battery and motherboard.

2) Removing the laptop battery will cause the laptop to stop running.

3) Utilize a different power source to activate the system. Begin by inserting the clock battery and switching on the laptop upon system startup.

Powering a hp laptop by utilizing the clock battery, also known as the CMOS battery, is not a recommended procedure.

The main role of the CMOS battery is to enable the laptop’s clock to function uninterrupted and to retain the laptop’s specific configurations, even when the main battery or power supply is deactivated.

It is not designed to be used to turn on the laptop.

Booting the system with the help of a wall socket

Plugging the laptop into a wall socket is an alternative to turning it on without the power button. The procedure implies a specific order and is used with laptops.

1) Single out the cable coupling the laptop’s power button and the top frame of the motherboard.

2) Remove the plug and deactivate the electrical supply.

3) Remove the device’s battery.

4) Once done, to turn on hp laptop, you must connect it to the power outlet to initiate its functionality.

If you do not have sufficient knowledge of laptop systems, it is better not to use this method. A wall outlet can help you to create a new power button and turn on the hp laptop.

Plugging the computer into a power socket to start it up is not recommended.

Using the wall socket to supply power is essential for providing electricity to the computer, but it won’t trigger the boot process.

Using laptop lid

The lid method is the next alternate way to turn on the laptop without the power button. When you close the laptop case, the system goes to SLEEP mode.

Restarting the laptop and entering the laptop’s BIOS set-up by pressing shortcut buttons such as F2 when the system boots should be your next step.

Now enter the advanced tab again and proceed choosing the power management option. A list of options will appear for selecting the power while opening the lid feature.

Then, you should set the power settings to on mode.

This way, you’ll be able to turn on a laptop without using the power button.

Using the lid to turn on laptop without a power button is not a standard method for most laptops.

This is designed to control the laptop’s display and power management when the laptop is already powered on.

AC adapter method

For hp laptops, another workaround involves using the AC adapter or power charger.

a. Plug the AC adapter into the laptop’s charging cable.

b. Connect the other end of the charging cable of the AC adapter to a power supply.

c. The laptop may automatically turn on when it detects the power source.

If not, tap the laptop’s power button. This may trigger the system to boot up.

Not all laptops have the automatic power-on feature; some may require you to hit the laptop power button as part of the boot process.

Using the wake-on-LAN (WoL) feature

If your hp laptop (even Acer laptop or Lenovo laptop) is connected to a local network, you can utilize the Wake-on-LAN (WoL) feature to power it on remotely.

Before using this method, ensure your computer’s BIOS settings are configured to enable Wake-on-LAN. You need to enable wake-on LAN via power management and set the preferred keys to start laptop.

Additionally, you need a device (e.g., a mobile phone or another computer) with a network connection and a WoL application. The devices can be connected via network adapters. Follow the below guideline to be able to use this method.

a. Install a WoL application on your device and set up the application to wake your HP computer.

b. Turn off your HP computer and ensure it is connected to the local network and the network adapter works properly.

c. Use the WoL application on your device to send a “wake” signal to your computer’s network interface card (NIC).

d. The wake-up pattern or a magic packet will remotely power up your hp laptop without any power supply.

It is better to properly verify the router configuration and establish port forwarding settings to be able to use a network card and connection.

In case of issues, you can always choose the factory settings.

Battery removal technique (for removable battery models)

If you possess a hp laptop with a detachable battery, attempting to remove the battery may be worth a try.

a. Switch off your laptop properly by employing the conventional shutdown process.

b. Unplug the power cord, battery cable, and any other devices connected to it.

c. Carefully extract the battery from its current position on the laptop.

d. Hold down the power button on your laptop for roughly 15 seconds to empty any extra stored energy.

e. Re-insert the battery cable and connect the AC adapter back to the laptop.

f. Place the battery cable and reinsert the AC adapter into the laptop.

Laptops with removable batteries work best with this approach.

Avoid attempting to remove the battery from your non-removable laptop, as it may cause harm to the laptop’s functionality.

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How do you turn on a computer when the power button is broken?

Turning on the computer is possible by either utilizing an external keyboard with a functional power button or employing a power adapter designed for laptops.

What is the alternative way to turn on laptop without power button?

Various methods exist for powering on a laptop that does not involve utilizing the power button, such as using an external keyboard, using the Wake-on-LAN feature, utilizing the motherboard; another approach would be powering up an hp laptop with the help of a clock battery method.

How do I force my HP laptop to turn on?

By employing the technique of taking out the battery, you succeed in making the HP laptop power up. To achieve this, it is necessary to remove the battery from the Windows laptop, detach the charger, and press and hold the power button for approximately 15 seconds. Subsequently, reinstall the battery, connect the laptop charger, and finally, tap the power button.

Can you turn on your PC with your keyboard?

In the event of having a compatible motherboard, it is possible to turn on the computer using the keyboard.


There’s no need to fret in case the power button is failing. HP computers can be powered up by employing alternative methods that don’t involve using the traditional power button. The techniques described above can be employed to improve the functionality of your computer.

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