How to make a stolen laptop untraceable: top 11 super tips

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable: helpful tips

Have you ever bought something on the black market — for example, a laptop? If so, there is a possibility that it had been stolen. How to make a stolen laptop untraceable? Let’s find the answer together!

how to make a stolen laptop untraceable
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How to make a stolen laptop untraceable: useful and clear tips

Though it may be much cheaper to buy something in the black market, there are many risks in this situation. It may turn out that the thing you bought had been stolen and resold.

We all agree that it is not a setting we would like to experience. Anyway, if you have already bought a laptop and found out that it had been stolen, don’t panic.

It is possible to track stolen laptops, but it is also possible to make them untraceable.

We can do it so as not to get into trouble after our purchase.

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable? If you don’t want to be traced by the laptop’s previous owner, make sure to follow our pieces of advice.

Not connecting your laptop to the network

It is the first step you should take before following our other tips. Otherwise, your future efforts would go in vain, as computers tend to have tracking software installed on them. Thus, it is possible for people who have had their laptop stolen to find out your current location.

Moreover, never use public Wi-Fi to stay hidden from others. Though it helps in situations when it is necessary to access the Internet quickly, the consequences may turn out to be devastating.

Many public Wi-Fi networks are not protected and get some of your personal data when you use them (for example, your phone number). Hackers can easily connect to the public network and see all the personal information of all devices connected to it.

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Replacing the laptop’s hard disk

Try to replace a hard disk to make a stolen laptop untraceable. Do it carefully and then insert a new one. Make a factory reset after this process.

It all should help you make a stolen laptop untraceable (all the information kept there will be erased), so even hackers couldn’t find out your location.

Deleting anti-theft software

Many laptop models have this feature installed. Thus, it is possible to track them when they are lost. Don’t worry; we can deal with this problem, too.

In order to prevent this from happening, find this software in the BIOS settings of the stolen laptop and delete it from the device. If it can’t be entered, reset the motherboard jumper; it should work.

You can also try taking out the BIOS batteries for about half a minute and then reinsert them. As you see, there are always ways to deal with a problem (even dealing with a stolen laptop). Never give up!

Installing a new operating system

A new operating system is an important factor in this process. It includes several key aspects.

Delete the previous system, as well as all the data, programs, files, and diagnostic tools that were previously installed.

After that, install a new operating system. You are free to choose any of the operating systems that are available.

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Making a unique and strong password

It is also an important step to create a strong password for your laptop. And by saying it, we mean the password that has more than fifteen characters in it.

Do not create something typical and easy to guess (your birthday date, the name of your pet). The concept is pretty simple: the more difficult and longer it is, the better and safer it will be for your data.

In addition to that, remember to change it on a regular basis (once a year is not enough!)

Avoiding Google and Microsoft services

To make a stolen laptop untraceable, make sure not to use any services from Google or Microsoft. Using them can make your private data known to others.

As using Google services can make a stolen laptop traceable, we strongly recommend you not to use any of them (including its apps, Gmail, etc.).

How does it work? Well, Google basically uses all the information you provide to make your profile visible to others. Don’t underestimate Google’s ability to track your personal information. Be careful to keep it safe and anonymous.

As for Microsoft, it makes it possible for government employees to get access to all your data. Therefore, as well as dealing with Google, avoid Microsoft services as much as possible.

Using VPNs and web proxies

As well as the tips mentioned above, a VPN (virtual private network) is also a key factor in making a stolen laptop untraceable. It has many useful features and advantages.

To start with, it can help to make your IP address hidden. Therefore, nobody can find you. A VPN helps you surf the Internet anonymously.

Secondly, it can make some websites that are unavailable in your country accessible, as you choose the country you want to join in the VPN settings. It is very useful, as sometimes all the necessary information can be found only on these websites that are unavailable to you.

Today, there are plenty of VPN services available.

Just find the one that works for you, install it on your computer, and keep your information private.

We recommend using a paid VPN, as the free versions may not function as well. In case there is no possibility of buying it, make sure to use a verified one (look through its reviews).

You should also use proxy servers. As for them, they work almost the same as the VPN. A proxy server functions as an intermediary between your device and the server of the site you are visiting. It doesn’t allow the site to find out your true location. It’s very convenient, isn’t it?

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Getting a robust antivirus

Installing antivirus software is another step you should take. It can help you in several ways. What are they?

To start with, the most evident advantage is that this software will protect your device against any malicious attacks and viruses.

In addition, it will also keep your personal data secure and impossible to hack or track.

As we have a great variety of antivirus products available on the market, we wouldn’t recommend installing the exact one. Feel free to choose any of them and enjoy its protection fictions.

Remember to install all the new updates to make the antivirus work properly. As you may know, the older version of it may be more susceptible to viruses and attacks.

Using a bolted screen saver

A bolted screen saver is a real lifesaver when dealing with a stolen laptop. All you need to do is activate it.

Find the screen saver settings on your device’s home screen (Personalize, Lock screen, Screen saver settings, Display Logon Screen).

Turn the screen saver on. Now it is impossible to track the information on the device.

As it is almost impossible to remove the screen saver, we strongly recommend using it if you have a stolen laptop.

Encrypting keys

As you may know, security offices know all your personal data, including your IP and Mac address, the websites that you are looking for, and some other private information.

In order not to let your encryption keys be stolen by others, make sure to install special encryption programs (it is possible to find a free or cheap version). Their function is to protect your personal information, so you would feel more safe.

Some more tips

As you know, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you have taken all the actions mentioned above but still feel insecure, here are some additional and optional tips.

Firstly, put something on the front camera of your device. Thus, you will make it impossible for others to recognize your face and identify you. Some people underestimate how easily the camera can be hacked. Don’t follow their example; be one step ahead of others!

Secondly, in the event of a stolen Mac, double precautions are needed. Due to its connection to the cloud, it can easily show your location. In this situation, we recommend installing Windows instead of macOS.

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In case there are still some questions that remain unclear to you, we have prepared the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable? How can it be tracked? There are many questions that may confuse the owner of a stolen laptop.

We hope it will become more clear for you when you read our comments.

Are stolen laptops traceable?

There are many methods to trace a stolen laptop. For example, it can have tracking software installed that shows your physical location.

At the same time, there are many methods to make it untraceable, including replacing its hard disk, installing a new operating system, disabling the anti-theft setting, etc.

If you don’t want anyone to find out your current location or some private information, our article will be especially useful to you.

Can I make my computer untraceable?

You can make a stolen laptop untraceable by following some easy steps, such as installing antivirus software, using VPNs and proxies, and avoiding certain services (for example, the ones that are provided by Google and Microsoft).

For more detailed information concerning a stolen laptop, refer to our tips mentioned above.

Can a laptop be tracked after factory reset?

It is still possible to track a stolen laptop after this. However, if you follow our instructions, you will make it absolutely untraceable.

Just delete your device’s anti-theft feature, use a VPN and screen saver, install antivirus programs, and take some other steps, and your stolen laptop will become untraceable.

Can a brand new stolen laptop which was never turned on be traced?

Modern laptops tend to have an anti-theft setting installed by the PC manufacturer. So it is possible to track the location of the device, even if it is new.
At the same time, there is a little possibility of tracking a stolen laptop if it is turned off. In case there is a Find my device feature enabled, you can trace it.

However, if you have never turned on your device, and therefore have never enabled this feature, the answer may be disappointing.

Final thoughts and pieces of advice

We hope that now you know how to make a stolen laptop untraceable. We recommend following our instructions as soon as possible after the purchase.

A stolen laptop can become a real problem if you don’t take the necessary actions in time. Try not to buy anything from an unauthorized user or the black market to avoid such problems in the future.

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