How to make your computer touch screen without airbar: guide

How to make your computer touch screen without airbar: creative ways

How to make your computer touch screen without airbar? Touchscreen technology enhances computer interaction. Although many devices have integrated touch screens, you can make your laptop touch screen-compatible without AirBar. This article explores inventive ways to show you how to make your computer touch screen without AirBar.

how to make your computer touch screen without airbar
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 Install touch screen overlay

Consider installing a touch screen overlay on your second monitor, laptop, or computer monitor for a permanent, touch-sensitive solution.

These transparent films attach easily to the screen or external monitor’s surface, enabling responsiveness to touch gestures.

Manufacturers offer various touchscreen top kits compatible with touch screen laptops and laptops with different keyboard and monitor sizes, providing a tailored touchscreen solution for your computer.

Also, with a Wi-Fi or USB connection, any Android tablet and smartphone can act as a touch screen and keyboard extension for your touch screen laptop. This allows you to control and navigate your computer’s desktop, access files, and even run applications remotely. Android devices can also mirror your touch screen laptop screens, providing a seamless two-screen experience for tasks such as presentations or media streaming. Simply, an Android tablet can provide you with a new screen by installing a program such as duet display.

 Utilize infrared technology

Implementing infrared technology on an external monitor is another approach to achieve a touch screen laptop without an AirBar.

By setting up infrared sensors around your computer touch screen or external monitor’s screen, you can detect touch interactions when objects break the infrared beams of the air display.

Several DIY tutorials and ready-to-use infrared touchscreen kits are available online, enabling you to create your touch screen laptop setup at a fraction of the cost of commercial touchscreen solutions. Infrared technology operates by discharging infrared light and by observing how it is reflected or interrupted.

The touch screen laptop or interaction is registered when an object, such as a finger or stylus, touches the screen and breaks the infrared beams. This approach enables a more interactive computing environment and offers a cost-effective replacement for conventional touchscreen solutions.

The DIY non touch screen touch overlay method uses constructing a touch-sensitive overlay engaging copper or aluminum foil and a transparent insulating layer. Connecting this touch screen laptop overlay to a microcontroller or USB interface enables touch functionality on your computer without AirBar. Although it requires technical know-how, this DIY approach offers a customizable and budget-friendly option for creating a touch screen laptop without AirBar.

In addition, this particular approach provides the ability to transform any non touch screen device into both a Macbook and a full touch screen laptop—enabled one, thus broadening its range of capabilities. Moreover, through online tutorials and guides, one can effortlessly acquire the essential knowledge to construct their personal touch screen laptop overlay without requiring costly equipment or specialized expertise.

On the other hand, Ultrasonic touchless sensing technology utilizes sound waves to track hand motions and movements.

You may provide touchless interaction without physical contact by placing ultrasonic sensors around the computer screen.

This futuristic touchscreen alternative allows for hygienic and precise interactions, making it ideal for public kiosks and shared devices. In addition, ultrasonic touchless sensing technology can promote a more inclusive user experience by allowing users with impairments or limited mobility.

It is a flexible solution for many uses, including gaming, presentation experiences, and virtual reality experiences, because of its capacity to recognize hand movements, voice recognition type speech, and gestures with accuracy. Windows speech recognition is one of the good examples in this case.

In this regard, conductive paint is another fascinating solution that enables you to design unique touch-sensitive surfaces.

By using special conductive paint, your computer screen can be transformed into a touch screen interface.

The electrical conductivity changes when something touches the painted area, and the touch is then recognized as input. This technology has made new opportunities for interactive displays and user interfaces possible. Beyond computer touch screens, conductive paint can also be applied to various surfaces, such as glass, plastic, and fabric.

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What is the alternative to the AirBar?

A touch screen overlay counts as one of the best alternatives for AirBar. However, alternatives such as Interactive Projectors, DIY Capacitive Touch Surface, External TouchScreen Monitor, Tablets as Secondary Touch Screen, and Pen Tablet or Graphics Tablet can be perfect for transferring a non touchscreen laptop.

How do I make my PC touch screen?

In addition to the methods mentioned in the article, you can use Interactive Projector or Optical Touch Frames to make your laptop touch screen without AirBar. Also, you can buy the touch screen overlay. To use this method, you need to clean the monitor surface, apply the Touch Screen Overlay, calibrate the Touch Screen, if necessary, and finally, test the laptop touchscreen.

How do I turn my laptop into a touch screen?

A Touch Screen Overlay or DIY method could be the best choice to make your laptop touch screen without AirBar. For the laptop touch screen overlay option, you must contact a laptop screen reseller to find out whether or not a touch screen for your laptop model is available. However, in the case of a DIY approach, you need to be comfortable working with electronics to use this method successfully.

Can we convert a non touch screen laptop touch screen?

Technically, it is possible to convert a non touchscreen laptop to a one with a touch screen without AirBar using one of the mentioned methods in the above article. However, it should be said that these methods could be difficult and require specific expertise to convert a non touch screen and make your laptop touch. Also, the success of such a transformation depends on the model and hardware of the laptops.


AirBar is one of the most convenient methods for having a touch screen laptop. However, exploring unconventional approaches can result in creative and exciting solutions in the quest for securing touch screen capabilities for your laptops (computers) without a need for

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