How to turn on a Dell laptop without power button

How to turn on a Dell laptop without power button: Q&A

How to turn on a Dell laptop without power button? Any technique eventually becomes out of use over the years. The laptop is no exception. Your laptop may experience a power button issue.

At a glance, a laptop without power button appears as a disaster. But don’t panic. There exist various techniques to solve this problem.

We’ll present the methods in order of increasing complexity for inexperienced users.

how to turn on a dell laptop without power button
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Easy level methods

For the less experienced user, methods in this section will be the easiest among others that assist in activating your laptop without a power button. Keyboard approach and Wake on Lan will be presented below.

Turn on a laptop through the keyboard

Notice that the power button on your Dell laptop is nearing the end. To turn on a laptop, you can assign new buttons on the external keyboard.

First, get to the BIOS settings by hitting one of three keys (F2/F10/DEL) during the laptop’s launch process.

If accessing BIOS is challenging, you should visit the official Dell website and find info about the boot menu key.

After entering to BIOS menu navigate to the “Power management” settings. The location of this option may vary from model to model of Dell laptops, but you should encounter an analogous option, as in “power on by keyboard”.

Then adjust the back-up power keys settings and apply these changes. After all, test the BIOS launch by using the alternative keys on the keyboard. They will become the new power button.

You can apply this method even after the laptop already has a problem with a broken power button. But preliminary you should use some complex methods. After this, appoint a backup power button just simply returning to this keyboard approach.

Turn on a laptop through the Wake on LAN mode

Wake-on LAN is an additional step to address potential power button issues.

Firstly, enter the BIOS settings using the keys discussed earlier. Then pick the “Power management” choice. In this part, you can enable Wake-on LAN mode and set up custom keys for remotely starting your laptop.

To function correctly, you’ll also need to customize the network card on a separate laptop or computer. To do this, you need to enter the “Device Manager” in Windows OS.

Then go through “Network adapter” and select “Properties”. Access the “Power Management” window and check the box that says “Allow this device to wake the computer”. Then enable “Wake on the magic packet” through advanced settings.

In addition, you also have the option to resolve the power button issue through Device Manager. Find “System devices” and expand it. Locate “ACPI Power Button device” or similar. Then select “Enable” by right-click. Pressing this power button can off your laptop.

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Medium-level methods

If the previous methods did not produce results, then we suggest resorting to medium-level options. In this section, we discuss ways of employing the laptop lid and connecting the wall socket.

Turn on your laptop through the laptop lid

Typically, when you shut the lid, most laptops enter into sleep mode or hibernation.

However, you have the option to customize whether the laptop powers on or off when the lid is closed.

There’s a manual on how to achieve this:

  • Enter the BIOS and navigate to the Power Management section.
  • Through the Power management adjust settings for positions of the lid: to activate laptop, open the lid.
  • Confirm modifications and restart the laptop.

This approach is suitable for any laptop without a power button, whether HP laptops, Lenovo, or others because any laptop has a lid and built-in BIOS settings.

Turn on a laptop through the wall socket

This method works well for many brands. This method is ideal for users concerned about potentially causing damage through the previous method of emulating the power button.

To begin with, ensure that your laptop is off. Next, you’ll need to detach the connection between the motherboard and power button.

Then take away the laptop battery from its compartment.

After this, inserting the laptop into a wall socket through its power adapter will activate the power-on process. If you plan to use the laptop without being connected to a wall socket, reinsert the battery into the appropriate compartment.

On certain laptops, you may need to configure the BIOS to enable automatic startup when linked to AC power. This way, whenever you link your laptop to a power source, it automatically powers on, replacing the laptop power button.

High-level methods

High-level methods imply that the user has high technical skills. These options for Dell laptop without the power button should be resorted to as a last resort. There are two hard-level methods: power on using the motherboard and clock battery method.

Clock battery method

The first hard approach to power on a Dell laptop without power button is known as the clock battery method.

The clock battery (CMOS) is a small, coin-like battery that serves a crucial role in laptops. It maintains certain settings and data even when the laptop is off from the power supply.

The CMOS battery is responsible for preserving the BIOS settings, which include hardware configurations, system date and time, etc.

This solution will cause BIOS to reset to factory settings. But it helps when your laptop power button is damaged. This is the way to properly perform this method without harming your laptop.

First of all, you need to take off the laptop’s lower cover through a screwdriver or opening tools. Next, detach the battery cable from your laptop’s motherboard, which is unlike the charging cable.

After all, extract the CMOS from your laptop’s motherboard. Restore the CMOS after 15-20 minutes of waiting by reconnecting the battery cable and other connections. It will promptly initiate the startup process of your laptop.

Power on the laptop through the motherboard

If you’re unable to power on your laptop to enter the BIOS and adjust, you might need to try a more hands-on approach. While not recommended for everyday use, you can manually start your laptop by working directly with its motherboard, as described below:

Start by opening the lower casing of your laptop and disconnecting its motherboard with the suitable tools.

Once the motherboard has been detached from the laptop chassis, ensure that all other connections remain intact.

Subsequently, disconnect the power button contacts from the motherboard and make a connection between pins 1 and 3 by use of a screwdriver, metal stick, or even a pen tip. This action will promptly activate your laptop without the power button. You can verify this by the characteristic sound of the fan turning on.

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How do I turn on my Dell laptop if the power button doesnt work?

To make your Dell laptop turn on if the button is already broken, you can only apply high-level methods and sometimes through the socket.

How do I force my Dell laptop to turn on?

All these methods somehow make your laptop start without a power button.

How can I turn on my laptop without the power button?

You can resort to all the above methods, from easy-level to high-level methods.

How do I manually turn on my Dell computer?

You can manually power on a Dell laptop without a power button through the motherboard, the power socket, and by use of the clock battery method.

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In this article, we discuss multiple methods that can help when you face a “laptop without power button” problem. If your Dell laptop supports the settings discussed above, you can successfully power it on without relying on the traditional laptop power button just by applying any of the above methods.

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